Kite Brain

After many years of growth in numbers, suppliers, quality, materials etc. finally the statistic are becoming relevant and all major magazine are talking about that.

Regarding the the Worldwide Kite Sales the first in-depth industry survey was done by SBC Kiteboard magazine

In 2006  the kites were sold world wide was around 115,000 .

That number has continued to grow. The most recent official estimates from the ISAF Technical Report peg the industry at around 180,000 kites and 75,000 kiteboards sold annually.

Worldwide Kite Sales

SBC sales survey

1999: 29,000

2006: 114,465

2008: 140,000

2012: 180,000

If you apply the same growth in the 2016 we are talking about: 220/250 kpcs.

Below also a very detailed post from The Kiteboarder Magazine done on 2015 materials (32 models). In this post you will understand the trends in design/solutions adopted by brand/ manufacturers.

Despite the broad range in features and function there are a number of common design approaches that kite brands use to meet the needs of a diverse kiting population.

On the post you will find the breakdown of common design features that the brands TBM tested chose to integrate into their equipment.


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